Whether you've got a small domestic quantity to source, or need the most aggressive pricing on a overseas order, WBT Industries is your international sourcing partner. We can handle everything from inspections, testing and production to final logistics and shipping.


When it comes to packaging and fulfillment, we have the staff and tools to get the job done. Whether you need custom-designed packaging or simply polybagging, drop shipments or bulk freight, we've got you covered.



WBT Industries specializes in all types of products for government agencies and schools. Call us today to see how we can help your bottom line!



Let WBT Industries help you to brainstorm the perfect custom product! Our in-house staff can work with your internal art department, or present original ideas to you for approval. If you can imagine it, WBT Industries can make it a reality!

We also create custom artwork and logos for you and your clients; we even will create virtual renderings of products to help you sell the job through to clients or internal audiences.


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